Ok, lets get into this right now, yes this is a new site, yes its all about me and these girls lol. Ok, up this time for the first update we got my girtl SAM PAIGE. Yeah, you know i had to get my shit off with her at some point right lol.

   So here it is, this was actually after a nice shoot she did for me , it was kinda poppin, you will see that up on Nastyflixxx.net at some point. But you can see this now lol. Watch how much fun I have letting her suck me off and rubbing on my nuts. I just love when a girl sucks on my nuts and jacks my dick, sometime that shit is better than fucking...I said sometime. But hey, what i like is what I like, and you like wtf you like , but right here, check this scene out and get back at me.
   Yup, got a fresh face cutie for you. Tiara Malone. 19 year old sex pot from Ct. Met her on line, she actually hit me up and wanted to get in the business. I said shiiiit, let's go lol. So she has a couple of fuck scenes coming up, and a few other interesting things as you will see soon.
   But right up here, I had to get my hands on that fine young thing lol, fuck that, shit man, I been keeping it in my pants for years, for what?? Fuck that, I want to get back to having fun my damn self lol. So , I had to check out her skills, and she was alright, i didn't have alot of time with her, because she had to roll out, but I still got my shit. So check me out.
   Whew, man, what can I say about this sexy bg tit bitch right here?? Man, shes one of my personal favorite ball suckers, I mean like i need this bitch in my life. The only fucked up shit is, iam in NYC, and shes from South Carolina or some shit like that. And that's fucked up for me, because im a nigga that needs his balls sucked on daily lol.
   But on the real COCONUT LOVE is the shit, hands down one of the best in the business , and thats why I had to get me some of her. Mna she sucked my nuts so good, I almost cried like a baby. P:S COCO, when you cum back in town, make my spot the first stop on your trip.
   My bitch Kahleah Stallion is nice at what she does. We fucked off camera before, and she let me nut all in that asshole and in her pussy. No lie. Next time i will get that on film for you guys. But right here I got her servicing me and my balls lol.
   She was on the top of her game that day. It took me a second to get hard because some niggas kept texting me about some bullshit, but once i set them fools straight, it was ball game. So check me the fuck out.
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